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Workshop: Learn what an API is by using one

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You might have heard the word API before. But what does it mean? What is an API? When should you use one? And how do they work?

We will during this workshop cover what, when and how to use an API by actually using one. Along the way we will also mention a lot of terminology that might be new to some, and familiar to others. We will also be looking at some helpful resources that you could use afterwards to dive deeper in to the world of APIs.


  • Download and install the POSTman app (you do not have to create an account on POSTman, it works fine with just the app).
  • Create a 46elks account.

Why and when use APIs?

  • Open up access to data
  • Automation
  • Layer on top of complexity


  • url
  • request
  • response
  • status codes
  • docs
  • GET & POST
  • Authentication
  • format (json, xml, other)
  • Open data
  • www-formurl-encoded

Be brave!

You’ll encounter terminology and abbreviations that make no sense, and that’s ok! You are in this workshop to learn and we’ll do this together. You are here to learn so please ask questions. 👏🏼

Speaker: Carolina J. Säll, developer from 46elks

“Hi, I am Carolina J. Säll, a developer at 46elks. I studied to become a designer but quickly realised the potential and opportunities in solving problems when using both code and design and got hooked so now I am a designer and developer. Love going to or hosting workshops, meetups, participates in hackathons or just having a Swedish fika and talk about things to build or new things to learn.”


With free events, we answer your questions and wishes. If you want to ask your questions to the speaker in advance, you can email them to info@mimmitkoodaa.fi with the subject “Mimmit koodaa event”. The facilitators will take the questions into account when preparing. You can also submit requests for new content by e-mail to info@mimmitkoodaa.fi

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