Tech industry needs new talents – Mimmit Koodaa delivers

The program aims to significantly increase the number of women in the software and technology sectors in Finland, where women have traditionally been underrepresented. It seeks to empower women by providing them with the skills and confidence to pursue careers in tech, which can lead to better job opportunities and economic independence. By encouraging more women to enter the tech field, the program aims to foster greater diversity within the industry, which can lead to more innovative and inclusive products and services. Our rewarded program Mimmit Koodaa (women code) has created hundreds of events, educational paths and certifications to encourage women into tech careers.

Together we work for equal and diverse IT industry

With over 100 IT- and software driven companies we work to diminish skills shortage, improve equality and dismantle gender-based segregation in the IT field.

Join us!
We love to cooperate, share best practices, insights and expertise. Contact us, let’s talk and maybe join forces to create something new?


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The software is ubiquitous and used by people across the board. We are playing a role in ensuring the creation of top-notch and varied software.

By cultivating a fresh pool of skilled talent, we can help dismantle gender-based occupational segregation.

To who?

For women who are interested in acquiring new skills or career in software development.

For individuals assisting others on their tech journey: educators, career counselors, academic advisors, and any other support network.


The Mimmit koodaa program encourages women who are interested in the software industry to learn coding and seek employment within the field. We provide tangible opportunities for trying and learning. Our community offers the necessary peer support during studies, job searches, and innovative endeavors.


Low-threshold free activities, networking, workshops, certifications, webinars, and training. Peer examples, community support, and career stories from fellow members.

We collaborate with IT- and software-driven companies to offer up-to-date information about technology and the necessary skills.

Software Finland Association

The Software Finland Association, established in 1993, is a community that brings together industry leaders. Our primary objective is to enhance the prospects of success for our members in an ever more competitive global market. With a firm belief in the power of collaboration, our association comprises 600 software and software-oriented companies. Collectively, we exert influence on decision-making processes within the software industry, while also providing support for industry research, education, and fostering business development.

More about our association

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Milja Köpsi

Mimmit koodaa -program

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Software Finland Association

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