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31.5.2023 16:30-20:30

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Event type: Online workshop

Number of participants: 20

Location: Zoom

Level: Beginner

Language: English

Robot framework logo.

In the workshop, you will learn what it is like to be a test automation developer and how to utilize Robot Framework in testing. Robot Framework is introduced in theory and practice. This is a basic introduction to Robot Framework.

After the workshop, you should know what software testing is and what it is like to work in testing in practice. You will also know the basics of Robot Framework.

This workshop starts at a beginner level, in English and online. The workshop is suitable for people interested in quality assurance of testing or for people who want to know what it is to work on those topics.


  • Working computer and a sufficient internet connection,
  • Open mind, and
  • Interested to learn Robot Framework.

The workshop is conducted via a remote connection; hence sufficient bandwidth and a working computer are a must, but besides those, an open mind is the only prerequisite. There will be several people online to help out and ensure the participants are keeping up with the education. Together, we shall make a safe space for everyone to learn something new and get to know testing and Robot Framework.

Knowing the Python programming language or some programming in forehand is a plus but you may attend without any prior knowledge of testing or programming. Moreover, a dedicated Slack channel is opened in order to answer any questions you might have prior to the workshop.

Feel free to join us!


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NOTE! The number of participants is limited and registration is binding. If you cannot attend the event, consider others and remember to cancel your participation. A no-show means that you can’t join our upcoming workshops for the next half year.

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Katarina Partti.

Katarina Partti

Test Automation Specialist / Gofore

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Jenna Lindroos.

Jenna Lindroos

Test Automation Specialist / Gofore

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