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21.4.2023 9:00-16:00


Event type: Virtual event's viewing party

Number of participants: 25

Location: Zalando office

Address: Runeberginkatu 5B, Helsinki

Zalando logo.

Zalando hosts a viewing party of the Mimmit Koodaa virtual event!

Welcome to watch the Mimmit koodaa virtual event morning with us! ūüß°

Join us for breakfast, socialise with our employees, and watch the live stream. You’re welcome to drop in and out any time according to your schedule.

Everyone is welcome, so come join us for a great time!


This event is Mimmit koodaa virtual event’s official viewing party in Helsinki. See more about the event below.

The Mimmit koodaa virtual event



NOTE! The number of participants is limited, and registration is binding. If you cannot attend the event, consider others and remember to cancel your participation. A no-show means you can’t join our upcoming workshops for the next half year.

With free events, we answer your questions and wishes. You can also submit requests for new content by email to info@mimmitkoodaa.fi

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