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18.1.2024 17:00-21:00

Tästä mukaan

Event type: Workshop

Number of participants: 20

Location: Gofore office

Address: Urho Kekkosen katu 7 B, 00100 Helsinki

Level: Intermediate

Pre-work: Basics of Robot Framework and Python. Python 3.8 and a Python editor/IDE installed. Read more on caption!

Bring your laptop: Yes

Language: English

Robot framework logo.

Robot Framework is a generic, open-source, automation framework for acceptance testing and robotic process automation (RPA). It has a simple natural language for creating tests or tasks, and it can be easily extended with Python-based libraries that allow its use in different contexts. The framework is surrounded by a large ecosystem of ready-made libraries and other tools, but it is also easy to create custom libraries for different needs.

In this session, we learn the basics of creating libraries for Robot Framework. We will cover topics like how keywords are discovered and how to specify their arguments, how keywords can log information, return values and report status, and how libraries can be documented.

Robot Framework is developed and supported by the non-profit organisation, Robot Framework Foundation.

If you enroll and cannot attend the event, remember to cancel your participation as soon as possible. No show means additional expenses, food waste and you can’t participate in the following #MimmitKoodaa workshops for a half year.

About the session

The session is hands-on, with a maximum of two slides. The instructor will explain topics and create simple examples that participants are expected to recreate on their machines. It is, however, also possible to just follow and get the created examples afterwards. Asking questions is possible at any time and is also highly recommended.

The event partner is Gofore. Some food and beverages will be provided by the partner in the event. Please let us know in enrollment if there are any allergies that we should know. Also, if you can’t join the event day, remember to cancel your participation as soon as possible to save us from food waste and extra expenses.


A prerequisite for participating in the session is knowing the basics of Robot Framework and Python.

  • With Robot Framework, it is enough to know the overall syntax, how to create tests or tasks and how to use keywords.
  • With Python, being able to create functions is enough; no knowledge about classes or other more advanced topics is needed.

Participants planning to create the hands-on examples also need a laptop with Python 3.8 or newer and a Python editor or IDE installed.

See you in January!



NOTE! The number of participants in the event is limited, and registration is binding. If you cannot attend the event, consider others and remember to cancel your participation as soon as possible. No-show means additional expenses, food waste and you can’t participate in the following #MimmitKoodaa workshops for a half year.

With free events, we answer your questions and wishes. If you want to ask the speaker your questions in advance, you can email them to info@mimmitkoodaa.fi with the subject ”Mimmit koodaa event”. The facilitators will take the questions into account when preparing.

You can also submit requests for new content or ask questions by email to info@mimmitkoodaa.fi.

Pekka Klärck.

Pekka Klärck

Lead Developer | Robot Framework

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