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Workshop: Build an App with us!

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Have you already added low-code to your skillset?

According to Gartner, low-code platforms will account for 65% of application development by 2024.

This is a recording from the workshop where can learn to build your own app with OutSystems.

With this event you will have a solid understanding of the OutSystems platform through hands-on experience of building your own app. You will know how OutSystems can help you gain new skills, explore a new career in development but also how this technology can help your team/organization plan, develop, change and deploy a serious applications.

Speaker: Sezen de Bruijn, OutSystems Solution Architect

★ OutSystems Solution Architect since 2018
★ Low-code development
★ Reducing Shadow IT & Technical Debt
★Thought Leader of the year 2021 at OutSystems

★ I came here to build apps and reduce technical debt – and I’m almost done building apps ★


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