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Webinar: How soft skills can boost your career within IT

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You’ve probably heard mumbles and even bold statements about how soft skills are the future of tech. But why do soft skills matter? What is their actual business value? And most importantly, what’s in it for you as an IT professional?

Hard facts and concrete examples

We have two experienced tech women hosting the webinar. Katalina Kivinen and Mirva Toivonen deliver hard facts around soft skills as well as personal stories and concrete examples from their years of working within the IT field.

They cover topics such as:

  • The business value of soft skills.
  • Soft skills that matter within the IT field.
  • Concrete ways to develop your soft skills.
  • Soft skills and career development/opportunities.
  • Soft skills as a part of salary negotiations.
  • Challenges within soft skills.

Why watch the recording?

By complementing your existing hard skills with soft skills, you will unlock new potential within your skillset. We at Crowd Collective have left our fingerprints on hundreds of client projects and experienced first-hand that it takes soft skills to build great tech.

Soft skills such as time management, proactivity, communicational skills, adaptability… are traits that add real business value and can boost your career. Watch more, and let us tell you why!


Katalina Kivinen | Fullstack developer | Crowd Collective.

Katalina is a fullstack developer with a psychology degree who has a strong interest towards coaching leadership, ways to maintain an overall life-balance and personal development.

Mirva Toivonen | Senior Consultant | Crowd Collective.

Mirva is a data, analytics and machine learning professional who has recently also taken on coaching responsibilities within her project.


Webinar materials


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