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Webinar: Robot Framework and mobile testing with Appium

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Robot Framework is a popular test automation framework, and it is widely used in the industries for verification and validation. This webinar will give the audience an overview on the framework with hands on examples.

The webinar will start with a brief overview of framework, and then continue with examples and demos. During the session we will explain the structure of robot cases which can help audience to get better understanding of Robot Framework. Examples testing the mobile devices will also be included in the demo.

With recordable webinars, we answer your questions and wishes. The facilitators will take the questions into account when preparing. You can also submit requests for new content by e-mail to info@mimmitkoodaa.fi

COACH: Ge Liu, Ericsson

Software professional with long experiences in Ericsson, from telecom to IoT. Always have curiosity to all interesting topics and new technologies. With years of experiences in software development, CI/CD and test automation.

COACH: Amir Ingher, Ericsson

I work as a software developer at Ericsson and currently doing my Master’s in Aalto University where I study Computer Sciences. At Ericsson I work with back-end and automated test cases.