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Webinar: Lean & Kanban

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In this webinar we will learn what Lean is and see how its principles can be applied to workflows almost in any industry. The Lean movement has spread out from its manufacturing origins to areas like healthcare, service management, and of course software engineering. We will examine how to generate seamless flows of work can be built making use of Lean principles.

Also we will see how Kanban method helps us the capture and visualize Lean workflows.

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COACH: Hannu Törmänen Ericsson

Hannu Törmänen is a Lean and Agile Enthusiast working as a Coach at Ericsson Finland. After being involved in software development for 28 years he believes that teams and individuals can become happier and more effective by providing the best value to their customers and learning new things.

In his freetime Hannu enjoys working out in the gym and learning how to play fingerstyle acoustic guitar.