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Webinar: ISLET&SAP – UX Designer & Programmer Career story

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Come join us in hearing two women, UX Designer Marie Poggemann and programmer Krista Drushku from SAP talk about their experiences of working in tech industry! In the live event Marie and Krista are sharing their insights on some common questions many women who are considering a career move towards technology industry might be thinking. They’re also elaborating what kind of career options there are within these two roles alone in which they are currently working.

On top of telling what kind of career choices they have made, they’re also giving their views on what their work days consist of and what kind of skills are needed to work in their field. You might also hear their input on what kind of studies they have found especially useful and if there has been something that has surprised them or something that they wish they had known in advance. How would they advise other women that might want to pursue a career similar to theirs?

What would you like to know and hear from an “insider”?

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COACH: Marie Poggemann

Marie is 25 years old and is currently working in UX Design at SAP France in Paris. She started working for SAP when she did her master’s degree in Communication and Media Management in Germany. Her first contact with UX Design was during her internship in Digital Communications at Bayer AG in Singapore.

COACH: Dr. Krista Drushku

Krista is working as a Software Engineer at SAP since 2019. She joined the SAP Intelligent RPA team as a developer after a 3-year joined thesis between University of Tours and SAP in Recommending Systems. Her PhD project aimed at developing a new application, wherein machine learning algorithms were implemented to help experienced or casual BI users to produce meaningful business-oriented analytics.

Her current work focuses on improving the configuration and distribution of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) jobs in SAP Intelligent RPA. The solution captures user interactions to build intelligent bots, helping users focus on value added activities.