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Webinar: Agile and Scrum

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Creating software applications and services for today’s Digital Economy is a team play. After introduction of the Agile Manifesto and Agile principles in 2001 the world of software development has changed dramatically. Over 90% of software companies use agile methods today. Agile principles and self-organizing teams continue to take ground also in other areas of working life, so the principles are no longer limited only to software based businesses.

In this webinar you will learn what applying agile principles in today’s software development is all about. You will also learn the basics of Scrum, which is the most popular agile framework today. The webinar will cover Scrum roles, events and artifacts.

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COACH: Hannu Törmänen Ericsson

Hannu Törmänen is a Coach and Agile Enthusiast working at Ericsson Finland. After being involved in software development for 28 years he believes that teams and individuals can become happier and more effective by providing the best value to their customers and learning new things.

In his freetime Hannu enjoys working out in the gym and learning how to play fingerstyle acoustic guitar.