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Growing as a team player

· Materiaalit · This Is Not a Webinar 2021 syksy

Software development is very often an act that requires doing things together with other people. This means working as a team. Your own success may depend on your abilities as a team player. How can you influence in creating an environment where everyone, you included, can flourish and utilize their full potential?

This may sound odd but working with others starts from working with your inner self. Growing as a team player starts from becoming aware on your own emotions, attitudes and beliefs, and utilizing those for the good of the team.

Speaker: Hanna-Mari Loisa, Product Development Leader, Ericsson

Coaching and teamwork enthusiast working in Ericsson R&D. Working as a coach started with Agile transformation, widening to Brain-Based Coaching. Lately been working in an IoT related service development unit supporting the teams and the organization in a journey towards multi-site lean and agile, and growth mindset.

One of the main developers and drivers of Ericsson internal intensive coaching program, E3 (Enabling, Empowering and Emotional). The aim is to create a culture that supports the organizational change and empowers people to discover and utilize their full potential.

Enjoying reading books, yoga, mindfulness, long walks, family time.


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