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Webinar: Cloud Practitioner Exam Preparation

· AWS-opintopolku · Materiaalit

Mimmit koodaa and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are kicking off a brand new study path in 2024 for students interested in AWS Cloud Technologies. Along with the study path, AWS also offers exposure to Amazon culture and opportunities for networking. The purpose of the technical study path is to open up new career opportunities and prospects for the industry.

The topics that will be covered in this recording:

  • Introduction and agenda.
  • Preparing for an AWS certification.
  • Official question set review.
  • Test-taking tips.
  • How to get an exam and Q&A.

Feel free to join whether you are new to the field, changing roles or an experienced connoisseur or an enthusiastic networker!

Study path


Ursula Koski | CTO, Nordics | Amazon Web Services.

Ursula started her career by teaching information technology in several domestic educational institutions and threw herself into the career development path of high-tech companies at a very early stage. She is focused on data storage, protection and analysis solutions. In addition to her own work, she works to improve the diversity of the IT industry.



Watch the used slides below:




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