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Wolt invites more women to join the tech industry 💙

At Wolt, we believe diverse teams make the most thought-through decisions and build things in the most inclusive way. At Wolt, women account for 47% of our employees, but we have a challenge. Out of the people who build our technology, only 17% identify as women. We’re working actively to change this.

This year Wolt is, among other things, partnering together with Mimmit Koodaa and Women in Tech to encourage more women to join the tech industry. We’ll be launching a “Product Development with Wolt” series of talks and workshops for the Mimmit Koodaa community and are looking forward to seeing you there! We’re also doing lots of other activities within Wolt to improve and challenge the status quo.

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Let’s dive into the world of building products!

Product Development with Wolt is a series of workshops and talks designed for those who are interested in a career in tech and would like to learn more about different parts of product development 🚀.

You will get to explore real world problems and discuss how you can apply the learnings in the tech field. The series will cover a range of topics from data analytics, design and development with Python, to the importance of fostering a testing mindset. Welcome to building great products with Wolt!

📍 Where: The sessions will be delivered as a mix of online sessions and in-person in Wolt office located in Kamppi, Helsinki.

We’d love for you to join these sessions online or in-person. 💙 All our sessions are in English to ensure anyone in the Mimmit Koodaa community can join us.

Looking to work in a product company one day? Join these sessions to dive into the behind the scenes of building products and gain practical skills to kickstart your career in tech! 

Wolt sessions

24.8.2022 16:00-17:30

The Hacker Mindset

Helsinki, Webinaari

The Hacker Mindset How do hackers think and operate? 🤔 Join Tomi Tuominen (VP Security...

14.9.2022 16:00-19:00

Learn to build a simple chatbot with Python


Learn to build a simple chatbot with Python In this session you’ll learn how to...

18.1.2023 16:00-17:30

Building loveable products


Building loveable products What’s the secret to building products that customers truly love? In this...

7.2.2023 16:00-17:30

Learn to explore problems with MVPs (Minimum Viable Product)

Helsinki, Workshop

Learn to explore problems with MVPs When kicking off new projects, it’s easy to jump...

15.3.2023 16:00-17:30

Learn to build quality products

Helsinki, Online, Workshop

Learn to build high quality products Writing good quality code is a crucial skill as...


Join Wolt in our Helsinki tech hub, fully remotely or hybrid. Your choice 🙌

Our hybrid working setup allows our people in Product Development to work from anywhere in Finland, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, and Denmark, and we’re actively hiring talented people from wherever we find them. We have tech hubs in Helsinki and Berlin for closer collaboration, and outside them support a flexible remote working model from home. We have engineers and other product development people working from all over in Finland.

Work with some of the latest and greatest tech 💥

We work with a wide variety of technologies. In fact, teams choose the tech they use. We provide a good baseline for scalability and robustness.

The most common technologies are: Python, Kotlin, Scala, React, TypeScript, and Swift, though we have a bit of Rust, Golang, Flutter, Node.js and C++ hidden in the service ✨. We run everything on AWS, with Kubernetes and a long list of infrastructure automation and various databases (like Mongo and Postgres) to boot.