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Great appreciation for your willingness to share your expertise and time with us. The goal of the Mimmit koodaa program is to promote diversity and increase the number of professionals in our industry. The long-term objective of the program is to provide future generations with equal opportunities to study and succeed in the IT field, regardless of gender.

On this page, you will find instructions for various collaborative activities, and we are open to new suggestions, so feel free to contact us!

“Interest doesn’t grow in a vacuum.”

Thank you very much for your willingness to share your expertise and time with us. For decades, we have been researching the reasons why women are underrepresented in technology. Simultaneously, we have perpetuated gender stereotypes and biases that associate technology primarily with men, leading to the loss of talent, innovation, and passion. It is difficult to generate interest in something that one is unfamiliar with or hasn’t been included in, which can be evident from the early stages of upbringing, both at home and in schools.

The Mimmit koodaa program and our corporate partnerships aim to break down these existing biases and stereotypes. This is achieved through actionable measures that align with research findings. Some of these measures include:

  • Promoting technology as a field that is inclusive and suitable for everyone, rather than portraying it solely as men’s work or boys’ hobbies.
  • Presenting technology as a tool and solution to problems and needs, rather than an end in itself.
  • Highlighting role models, peers, and ordinary individuals who work in technology and are relatable to our target audience.
  • Providing a comprehensive understanding of the diverse opportunities offered by our industry.
  • Offering opportunities to experiment, get inspired, and learn.

Your participation in this collaboration aims to provide this community with low-barrier events and various activities that introduce different roles, required skills, and help individuals explore and learn. Through these experiences, enthusiasm is usually sparked, and individuals are encouraged to embrace new opportunities.

How would you like your company to be perceived?

Through the collaboration with Mimmit koodaa, the significance of technology is primarily portrayed as a tool rather than an exclusive focus. All content is designed to reduce barriers, inspire interest in technology, and cultivate an understanding that each person is or will be involved in software development in some capacity.

The challenge has been the lack of knowledge about how software is developed and the media’s portrayal of the typical IT professional, which our target audience cannot relate to. As a solution, we offer, together with your company, a concrete opportunity to try new things and learn!

What kind of expertise would you like to share?

Many volunteers are motivated by the desire to provide encouragement and expertise that they themselves lacked at some point, or because they have acquired valuable skills and now wish to help others. At the core of this effort is the individual, who, through their own example, can offer a sense of peer support or impart new abilities.

Ideas for content emerge from questions such as, ‘What am I good at? What do I know? What is important to me?’ These answers serve as a starting point for developing webinar and workshop content. Existing content can be repurposed, and events can be repeated multiple times. This approach allows us to build a brand that reflects your company’s work style and values.

All of these efforts will shape the themes that form the foundation of our collaboration and guide the creation of relevant content. We will assist you in formulating the right words, approaches, and connections as ideas evolve. Often, Instagram takeovers, for example, generate numerous ideas regarding the type of content, events, and topics that are worth pursuing!

This is how Mimmit koodaa events are organized!

Useita hymyileviä naisia tapahtumassa. Yksi on selin kameraan, muut kasvot päin kameraan.


When an upcoming event has been agreed upon in advance, you can deliver the materials via these links.

Event in Finnish

Event in English

Educational content can range from high-level overviews to more detailed dives.

The Friday webinar, as the name suggests, takes place on Fridays from 12 pm to 1 pm. Webinars can cover high-level topics and provide a broader understanding of technologies, such as “What is Azure?”, “What does a developer need to know about UX design?“, “Website accessibility“, “Introduction to data work” and more. The presentation is typically allocated around 45 minutes, with the remaining 15 minutes for Q&A. The session can be longer, but please notify us several weeks in advance to communicate any schedule deviations. Webinars usually do not have participant limits.

Workshops can delve deeper into specific subjects. They can explore individual tools like Figma, create something simple with software robotics, try out Python, and more. The duration of workshops can range from one hour to multiple days, depending on what you wish to teach. The key is to provide participants with hands-on experience and learning opportunities.

Workshops can be conducted online or onsite, and participation is usually limited. If you organize live events, please arrange for refreshments.

Lunches, after-work events, and similar activities are typically organized for a specific target audience and can be structured similarly to workshops.

Over the years, we have also offered coding challenges and self-paced learning modules.

Live events offer advantages such as networking and the benefits of learning together in the same physical space. Virtual events provide the advantage of being location-independent.

You can propose content ideas for workshops and webinars to Milja. We collaborate to achieve the best possible outcome for the events.

Marketing communications

We take care of event branding, registration, marketing, and reminder messages. The content and trainers will come from you.

It would be ideal to receive the materials for event marketing at least a month in advance. The earlier, the better!

Event description

Only you can describe to the audience why it’s worth donating their time specifically to you. You are the best expert on your own presentation.

When writing the event description, keep in mind that the text carries a lot of weight. Tell the reader what you intend to teach and share: the benefits they will gain from participating and what they will take away from it.

Remember to mention if there are any specific knowledge or skill requirements for participation.

Materials for the event webpage

For event page, we need the title and description text, along with the speaker’s bio, headshot, and social media links (Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn). You can provide the materials using the links found next to this message.

Event FI

Event EN

Communication to participants

We will send event reminders to registered participants via email. Please gather the instructions (downloadable software, navigation guidelines, etc.) and provide them to us well in advance. We do not want to spam our community, so we will consolidate the instructions into a few reminders.

Presentation materials

Please note that the audience will be following the event from their laptop or even mobile screens. Therefore, it is advisable for the materials to be more visual in nature. We prefer to share the materials with the audience afterwards, allowing for more detailed exploration. We will provide them along with the recording to those who have registered.

Recording and Blog posts

By default, Friday webinars are recorded and uploaded to YouTube. If you would like to write a blog post or a short intro about the webinar, we would be more than happy to receive it. These will be sent to our mailing list of 10,000 subscribers and shared on multiple social media channels.

Engage with the Mimmit koodaa community through the themes that are important to you

Our activities culminate in a major event held every six months, which has been organized virtually on the Finnish software platform Brela in recent years. The event attracts over 1,000 participants each time, receiving the most significant amount of effort and marketing activities.

The event’s marketing begins well in advance to ensure visibility for each day’s presentations. The presentations and other activities are showcased across all Mimmit koodaa social media channels and in the newsletter, which reaches 10,000 subscribers.

The virtual platform enables various features, including:

  • Multiple presentations throughout the event day.
  • Main stage with event streaming and a main chat.
  • Virtual booths simulate the spaces of physical exhibitions – everything is virtual.
  • Coffee rooms allow you to interact with the audience more intimately.
  • Profiles for company representatives.
  • Opportunities for one-on-one meetings or one-on-one chats with the audience.

We will contact you regarding the virtual event. You can read practical instructions in advance using the links provided below the image.

Newsletter & Social Media 💌

Pöydällä on kannettava tietokone ja kuvakulmasta näkee henkilön käyttävän sitä oikealla kädellä.


Our handle @mimmitkoodaa





Twitter used only occasionally

Program hashtag:

(Please note the accessibility in hashtags: For screen readers, each separate word starts with a capital letter.)

With our help, you can reach your target audience.

Our program’s communication reaches over 10,000 individuals through our newsletter. In addition, our social media channels reach several thousand people per channel.

Due to the immense visibility we have achieved, we receive numerous requests to share various content. We want to respect the attention people have given us and strive to curate content on our channels that benefits our community. Therefore, we primarily share our own and collaboratively created content. However, we can also share content from our networks if there is a need and we have the resources to do so.

You can inquire with Milja about which channels your desired content could potentially be suitable for publication.

We prioritize featuring our partners’ content in the newsletter if it is deemed appropriate. Our newsletter is typically sent out around the beginning of the month, with the first newsletter of the autumn being sent out in the transition between August and September.

For the newsletter, we require a horizontal image, text content, and a link. The deadline for materials is always around the middle of the month. For example, if you want your content to be included in the newsletter sent out at the beginning of October, please submit the materials by mid-September.

Social Media:
If your content aligns with Mimmit koodaa’s social media platforms, you can contact Milja or Sanna to discuss featuring the content. We apply the same principle on social media as we do in the newsletter: the content should benefit our community in order to be published.

Please note that during virtual events, there may be a high demand on social media. Therefore, please reach out well in advance. Contents will be published as scheduled or as soon as a suitable slot becomes available in the social media calendar.

Want impactful visibility?

A takeover week on Mimmit koodaa’s Instagram is an easy way to make an impact in employer branding among a hard-to-reach, competitive, and highly desired target audience.

Total data year 2023, over a 90-day period:

  • 31,370 unique reach.
  • 600,000 impressions.
  • Approximately 90% of followers are presumed to be female.
  • Almost 7,000 Instagram followers.
  • Almost 5,000 Facebook followers.

Please note that in a takeover, the expertise is demonstrated through the content itself, such as career stories, experiences, behind-the-scenes glimpses of daily life, and showcasing the “uniqueness” of the company.

How does a takeover work? Read more using the links below the image.

Our community 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦

Usea nainen tapahtumassa.


Slack-invites from Milja or Sanna.

Slack – Home of the Community

LevelUp Koodarit Ompeluseura: a channel for individuals presumed to be female, as well as sexual and gender minorities. Here, there is extensive discussion among peers on topics ranging from technologies and the industry to learning and any other subject.

Mimmit koodaa Slack: for everyone involved in or enjoying the Mimmit koodaa activities. Here, we maintain dedicated channels for workshops, support groups for study paths, channels for educational institutions, and other internal channels.

In MK-Slack, there is a #junnurekry channel where you can post (or share yourself) summer jobs, internships, and junior positions available in your company. If you would like us to distribute the announcements on your behalf, kindly send them to info@mimmitkoodaa.fi.

We kindly request that you adhere to the rules of creating a safer space and that company representatives use their real names when participating in our channels.


You can find the Mimmit koodaa logos behind this link. You can find the main partner logos here.

If you need a different colour version of the partner logo, you can modify the necessary version using the templates in the folder. However, please show us the logo before publication.

If you need assistance with logo editing, please get in touch with Sanna or Milja.

Here for you!


Markkinointi ja tapahtumatuotanto


+358 44 491 5828 Calendly


Koordinaattori / hankepäällikkö


WA +358 40 152 5152 Calendly

Software Finland ry

The Mimmit koodaa program is enabled by Software Finland ry(formerly known as Ohjelmistoyrittäjät ry).

software finland ry logo

Software Finland ry is a unique business leadership community and influencer in the software industry, founded in 1993. It helps its member companies succeed in international competition. Over 600 software companies in Finland are involved in the association’s activities.

You can explore the benefits of membership here

For more information, please contact: abe@softwarefinland.fi

Kyllä, haluan pysyä kuulolla!

Liittymällä postituslistallemme saat myös ensimmäisenä tiedon julkaisuista koulutuksista. Koulutuksia tarjoavat Software Finland ry:n jäsenet ja koulutukset ovat mimmeille maksuttomia.

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