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21.9.2023 18:00-20:00


Event type: Workshop

Number of participants: 20

Location: Riimu Solutions' event locale

Address: Siltasaarenkatu 10, 2nd floor, Helsinki

Level: Beginner

Bring your laptop: Yes

Language: English

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Git is a distributed version control system, and it is currently the industry standard for code management and collaboration. Because of this, knowing Git is one of the most critical development tools one can learn. It can be applied in any project regardless of coding language.

This event is tailored specifically for individuals who are new to coding or have a basic understanding of it and hold an interest in the subject. While prior coding experience is beneficial, it is not a prerequisite to participate.

What will you learn?

In this course, we will go through the basics of using Git. You will learn how to handle most of your day-to-day interactions with Git and also some information on how it works ‘behind the scenes’.

You will also learn how to handle some more tricky situations like how to fix merge conflicts, cherry-picking only the parts of some code and adding it to your own etc. This workshop will mostly be focusing on the console command version of Git with little emphasis on the many different IDE plugins that exist.

About the event day

The workshop will consist of presentations and exercises. For the course, you will only need your own laptop with Git installed. Instructions on how to install it can be found below

Installing Git


Feel free to arrive at the event location from 17:30 onwards, as the event will officially commence at 18:00.

Food and drinks will be provided during the event; please remember to indicate any allergies or dietary restrictions during the enrollment process.

Welcome to the world of Git – Let’s Git it on!



NOTE! The number of participants for this event is limited, and registration is considered binding. If you find that you are unable to attend, we kindly ask that you consider others and cancel your participation in a timely manner.

No-show Policy: To ensure a fair and inclusive experience for all, it is essential to honor your commitment by attending our events or providing timely cancellation notices. Failure to attend the event without prior cancellation will result in your exclusion from participating in any subsequent #MimmitKoodaa workshops for a period of six months.

For our free events, we are here to address your questions and accommodate your requests. If you wish to ask questions in advance to the speaker, please feel free to email them to info@mimmitkoodaa.fi using the subject line “Mimmit koodaa event.” Our facilitators will take these questions into consideration while preparing for the event.

Additionally, you can submit requests for new content or ask questions by emailing info@mimmitkoodaa.fi.

Sebastian Nyholm.

Sebastian Nyholm

Senior Software Developer and Founder | Riimu Solutions

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Mirjan Merruko.

Mirjan Merruko

Senior Software Developer and Founder | Riimu Solutions

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