21.4.2023 ⏰ 9-16

Those interested in changing an area of work and those working in software development, welcome to our joint event day!

The speeches during this event will tell you about the wide range of opportunities in the field of technology. You will surely find new ways to utilize your previous work and life experience in this modern industry, which serves as an engine for other industries.

Thanks to the 1000 visitors to our event, you will get to mingle with others, and you have a chance to find role models among your peers. You will also get to network with interesting and well-known companies in an exceptional way. And perhaps you will be a new and exciting role model for others?

#MimmitKoodaa community and its events exist so that we can break the prejudices concerning technology and the stereotypes of gender. We can all be part of creating better services and products.

This event is free of charge! It is a virtual event, so you can participate from anywhere in the world.

Most of the presentation is in Finnish, but there is also content in English. You can connect with company representatives and event visitors in English.

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Where to find the courage to pursue a new career in a new industry? What and where should I study? What if learning new skills feels scary or if parenthood is taking too much already?

You will meet many people like you at our event. You will surely find something in common with the other participants. Some of them might become your role models, or you can be an inspiring example for others!

In the event platform Brella you will have a chance to meet and chat with other participants. You can continue the discussions after the event in the Mimmit koodaa community’s channels and different events (your local events or online).

Take a step and create a profile where you tell about yourself and where you would like to see yourself in the future!

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Akira Ahola.

Get inspiration

Milja Köpsi & Rasmus Roiha.

Milja ja Rasmus

Mimmit koodaa ohjelma
Software Finland ry

Avaa lisätietoa henkilöstä
Katja Miettinen ja Maisa Tuuli.
Supervoimanasi uuden oppiminen!

Miettinen & Tuuli

Managing Director & Head of Program Management
Brights Learning Finland

Avaa lisätietoa henkilöstä
Elena Talieva & Severi Reivinen.
Tips and to-dos for junior path

Talieva & Reivinen

SW Engineer x2

Avaa lisätietoa henkilöstä
Sanna Suoranta.
Ensiaskelia ohjelmointiin

Sanna Suoranta

Aalto University

Avaa lisätietoa henkilöstä

Lounastauko – tsekkaa kahvihuoneet ja ständit!

The break – check out coffee rooms and company booths!

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Ikoni, jossa ihmishahmolla on poninhäntä ja viitta.

Mimmit koodaa palkinnonjako

Avaa lisätietoa henkilöstä
Juanita Kananen & Salla Rantamäki.
What does a developer need to know about UX design?

Kananen & Rantamäki

Product Designer & Design Lead

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Kahvitauko – tsekkaa ständit ja kahvihuoneet!

The break – check out coffee rooms and company booths!

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Maria Fagerholm & Anne Puntari.
Kestävää digitaalisuutta ja digiarkea

Fagerholm & Puntari

Consultant, Business Platforms & Head of Sustainability

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Ville Partanen.
Miten luodaan maailmanluokan verkkokauppakokemus?

Ville Partanen

Vice President, Service Development

Avaa lisätietoa henkilöstä
Milja Köpsi & Rasmus Roiha.

Milja ja Rasmus

Mimmit koodaa ohjelma
Software Finland ry

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Chitchat in breakout rooms

10:00 – Laurea: AMKosaajassa voit opiskella korkeakoulutasoisia, lyhytkestoisia ja ketteriä digiopintoja täysin ilmaiseksi. Kuuntele lisää!
11:10 – Amazon Web Services: Your passions + Tech = <3 (Reflections on Sarah’s path to Tech).
11:10 – Microsoft: Tule kuuntelemaan Open AI:sta, koodauksen trendeistä ja mahdollisuuksista teknologiamaailmassa.
11:10 – Nokia: Discover and discuss what Nokia SW engineer’s day entails.
11:10 – Zalando: Junior Path to Tech – Questions and discussion.
11:40 – IBM: Want a new path? Define your future at IBM.
11:40 – Nokia: Discover how to apply to Nokia and write a winning CV.
12:30 – Amazon Web Services: AWS Gameday F1 League.
12:30 – Wolt: Learn how to land your first engineering job. You’ll hear tips and tricks from a recruiter’s point of view.

13:40 – Academic Work Academy & Brights: Koulutus, ura & kasvu – Tule juttelemaan urasta, oppimisesta ja alanvaihtoon liittyvistä mietteistä!
13:40 – Ericsson: Kiinnostaako UX? Kuule kokemuksia UX-suunnittelusta, juttele Sallan ja Nitan kanssa – ja kysy lisää!
13:40 – Microsoft: Clara will share insights into her daily life at Microsoft and introduce you to Power Platform and its AI capabilities. Don’t miss this opportunity to see a demo and ask your questions!
13:40 – Wolt: Join to discuss how to succeed in your first engineering position and get practical tips on how Wolt employees have rocked the start of their careers.
15:00 – Amazon Web Services: Discover how AWS Executive Elena became a tech leader in Amazon.
15:00 – Nokia: Tule keskustelemaan päälavan puhujamme Annin kanssa alanvaihdon kokemuksista

Mimmit koodaa award 2023

The Mimmit koodaa award is distributed annually to a person, who works for the benefit of our community, boosts the values ​​of our program and serves as an excellent example of how much actions matter. With the award, we create new a new role model for society because it matters who talks about technology.

The upcoming award recipient will be awarded at a future Mimmit koodaa virtual event, and they were chosen via our community votes and the opinion of the award committee. With the Mimmit koodaa award, we thank them for their work input – with concrete actions, our community have new opportunities and ways to get a job.

You’re warmly welcome to join us in April!

Earlier award recipients:

Mimmit koodaa palkinnon luovutus 2022, kuvassa Eevis Panula luovuttaa palkintoa Susanna Kyllöselle

🚀 Meet exciting companies!

Just like in any live event, also in this virtual event, you get to meet people from renowned companies. They all have joined this event to be there with us and to tell us about the working opportunities they offer. If you are not yet ready to apply for a new job, then you can for example ask tips on what kind of skill they appreciate.

During the event, you can chat with the company representatives, book a 1:1 session or participate in the coffee room sessions organized by the companies – and of course, join the Q&A session with the speakers.

We will open the event platform Brella for the public one week prior to the event. This way, you can get to know both the virtual platform and our partners beforehand. Our particular recommendation is that you go and check their virtual stands in advance – this is one place where you will find the company participants during the event as well!

Lassi Virtanen, Karoliina Hakkarainen ja Larissa Laamanen.

Zalando hosts an official viewing party of the Mimmit Koodaa virtual event!

Join us for breakfast, socialise with others, and watch the live stream. You’re welcome to drop in and out at any time, according to your schedule. Enroll below:

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