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Whether you’re passionate about working in software development or furthering your career, we invite you to join our event day!

The Mimmit koodaa virtual event, free of charge, unites enthusiasts from the ICT sector. Dive into a day filled with insightful presentations, skill-building tips, networking opportunities with like-minded, and a chance to connect with companies in the field.


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✨ What is it about?

The grand Mimmit koodaa virtual event takes place every six months, providing an opportunity to immerse yourself in a community, acquire new knowledge, or revisit previously learned topics. The discussions during the event will broaden your understanding of the diverse opportunities within technology and offer insights into working in the sector.

The event attracts over 1,000 attendees, offering you a platform to expand your network and share your insights. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to connect with innovative IT companies. Perhaps you’ll emerge as an inspiring role model for others, or discover a position that steers you toward a career in technology.

The #MimmitKoodaa community and its events are dedicated to dismantling tech biases and challenging gender stereotypes. Together, we can contribute to shaping a better future.

The event is free and virtual, allowing you to participate from anywhere in the world.

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🔥 Find your place in the community

Where you get the courage to change fields or develop your current position? What should you study and where? What if learning new things scares you and the peak years seem difficult?

At our event, you’ll encounter many individuals with shared interests. They might inspire you, or you could emerge as an inspiring role model for someone else.

Throughout the day on the Brella event platform, attendees have the chance to engage in chats and schedule chat sessions with others. The conversations can continue post-event through the Mimmit Koodaa community channels, whether at local events or online.

You’ll have access to the event platform a week in advance. We encourage you to create a profile, introduce yourself and share your aspirations for the future with others!

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Warmly welcome 💜

Milja Köpsi.
Tervetuloa! Welcome

Milja Köpsi

Koordinaattori / hankepäällikkö
Software Finland ry

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Johanna Hyytinen.
Vauhtia alanvaihtoon - kokemuksia rekrytointikoulutuksesta

Johanna Eränkö Hyytinen

Application developer
Alumni, Academic Work Academy

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Lounastauko – tsekkaa kahvihuoneet ja ständit!

The break – check out coffee rooms and company booths!

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Milja Köpsi ja Sonja Hyrynsalmi.
Voimaa ja visioita

Köpsi & Hyrynsalmi

Milja Köpsi
Sonja Hyrynsalmi

Avaa lisätietoa henkilöstä
Hana Burianová.
How to Build User-Centric Products

Hana Burianová

UX Designer
Visma Enterprise Oy

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Kahvitauko – tsekkaa ständit ja kahvihuoneet!

The break – check out coffee rooms and company booths!

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Tia Ainola.
Building Skills for Jobs

Tia Ainola

Education Lead

Avaa lisätietoa henkilöstä
Milja Köpsi.
Loppusanat - The closing words

Milja Köpsi

Koordinaattori / hankepäällikkö
Software Finland ry

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Conversation in the coffee rooms

Coffee rooms are intimate spaces by ICT sector companies, mirroring familiar conferencing tools like Teams or Zoom. It is an accessible and relaxed introduction at its finest in the virtual platform!

10:00  – Ilmaiset AMKosaaja-opinnot tutuksi. Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu.

10:00  – Expatriate’s Path: Crafting a Career away from home. Amazon Web Services.

11:00  – Getting started with your tech career. Zalando.

11:00  – Resilience and growth – Thriving internationally. Amazon Web Services.

11:00  – Empowering Developers with Microsoft 365 Copilot.

11:00  – Tule Digia-tietovisaan, kolmelle luvassa Digia-herkkupaketti! Digia.

11:10  – Erilaiset polut Nokialle / Different paths to join Nokia.

11:15  – Kuinka tehdä oppimisesta tapa? FITech-verkostoyliopisto.

11:15  – UX-suunnittelun roolit ja käytännöt – kokemuksia ja vinkkejä. Ericsson.

11:40  – Prepare yourself for Summer Trainee season 2024. Nokia.

13:00  – Asiantuntijana Service Deskissä. DNA.

13:30  – [Re]learning to learn, tehokkaimmat oppimisen tavat. Brights & Academic Work Academy.

13:30  – Kestävä kehitys ja yritysvastuu tuotekehityksessä. Ericsson.

13:30  – Digi- ja it-palveluiden osaaja tukemassa terveydenhuollon asiakkaita ja ammattilaisia. Terveystalo.

13:30  – Discover Microsoft Skills for Jobs Program.

13:35  – Generative AI for Business. IBM.

13:45  – How to build user-centric products & other UX related discussion. Visma.

14:30  – Urapolku johtoportaaseen: resepti menestykseen. Amazon Web Services.

15:00  – What is it like to be a woman in tech at Nokia?

🙌 Amazon Web Services hosts official watch party

On the event day, you have the option to join the event watch party and immerse in the experience alongside fellow attendees. The official watch party will be hosted at the AWS office in Helsinki. There you will meet AWS employees across the organization, can take photos at the legendary Glamazon Photobooth, and also get to know new people and build your network.

A separate registration is required for the event watch party to accommodate specific needs, such as allergies or dietary restrictions. Catering will be arranged based on these registrations.

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🚀 Meet interesting IT companies

Much like in-person events, this virtual gathering offers a chance to meet representatives from well-known companies. They’re here today for both you and us, ready to discuss their operations and potential job opportunities. Even if you’re not considering a job switch just yet, it’s a great opportunity to inquire about the work-related skills they value most.

On event day, connect directly with company reps through chats, schedule one-on-one meetings, or partake in casual ‘coffee room’ conversations hosted by them.

To ensure a seamless experience, we’re granting Brella users access to the event platform a week in advance. This allows ample time to familiarize yourself with the platform and our partners. We particularly encourage a visit to the virtual booths, where you’ll find these companies and much more on the event day!

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Involved in the virtual event 💎

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The Mimmit koodaa virtual event
3rd November 2023     9-16      online

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