11.11.2022 ⏰ 9-16

Those interested in changing an area of work and those working in software development, welcome to our joint event day!

The speeches during this event will tell you about the wide range of opportunities in the field of technology. You will surely find new ways to utilize your previous work and life experience in this modern industry, which serves as an engine for other industries.

Thanks to the 1000 visitors in our event, you will get to mingle with others and you have a chance to find role models among your peers. You will also get to network with interesting and well-known companies in an exceptional way. And perhaps you will be the new and exciting role model for others?

#MimmitKoodaa community and its events exist so that we can break the prejudices concerning technology and the stereotypes of gender. We can all be part of creating better services and products.

This event is free of charge! It is a virtual event so you can participate from anywhere in the world.

Most of the presentation is in Finnish, but there is also content in English. You can connect with company representatives and event visitors in English.

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Milja Köpsi & Rasmus Roiha.
Tervetuloa! Welcome!

Milja ja Rasmus

Mimmit koodaa ohjelma
Software Finland ry

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Alyona Gurschenkova
Postponed - replaced by Minna Kärhä

Alyona Gurschenkova

Engineering Team Lead and Career Coach

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You can and you can learn

Sari Alander

Agile Lead
Visma Solutions

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Voiko oman alansa ammattiosaaja olla vahingossa koodari?

Tarja Laine

Cloud Partner Technology Strategist

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Lassi Virtanen.
Koodariksi ilman riviäkään koodia

Lassi Virtanen


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Lunch break – visit booths and check out breakout rooms!

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Why is security important?

Auvinen & Mäki

Security Reliability Model Architect & Senior Security Assurance Manager

Avaa lisätietoa henkilöstä
Hanna Hagström.
Data science tänään: mitä osaamista tarvitaan nyt?

Hanna Hagström

Director of Data-Driven Industry
Siili Solutions

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AI is already here and we are not ready

Linda Mannila

Researcher and entrepreneur
On behalf of FITech

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Coffee break – check out booths and breakout rooms!

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Junnuna syvään päähän – koodarin ensi askeleet asiakasprojektissa

Hanén & Väisänen

Junior Backend Developer & Junior Fullstack Developer

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Annina Bouthouri ja Hanna Nurminen
Ethän vähättele itseäsi osaava mimmi

Bouthouri & Nurminen

Senior Consultants

Avaa lisätietoa henkilöstä
Female Empowerment

Chisom Udeze

Founder of Diversify, HerSpace and Mettle Consult
On behalf of Amazon

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Milja Köpsi & Rasmus Roiha.
Thank you!

Milja ja Rasmus

Mimmit koodaa ohjelma
Software Finland ry

Avaa lisätietoa henkilöstä

Breakout Rooms of the day

10:00 – Integraatio-osaaminen ja uramahdollisuudet Digialla.
10.00 – How to become a non-technical tech enthusiast? Amazon Web Services.
10:30 – Tips for landing and starting your first engineering internship, Wolt.
10:40 – Diverse work culture and career opportunities in Helsinki and Turku at Houston Inc.
11:00 – Identifying our strengths as career changers, Wolt.
11.30 – How to succeed in tech without prior social networks – Marcia Villalba Principal Developer Advocate, Amazon Web Services.

11:30 – Microsoft Suomessa – miten Diversity & Inclusion -arvot näkyvät arjessamme?
12:00 – Tutustuminen Digiaan.
12:30 – Kysy integraatioasiantuntijan työstä, Solita.
13:55 – AWS’ Peculiar Hiring Process – tips from Amazon Web Services HR.
13:55 – Miksi tietoturva on tärkeää? Ericsson.
13:55 – Want to up your skilling? Here’s what Microsoft can offer you!
14:00 – Digia Career Compass – Startti IT-uralle.
14:00 – Kysy integraatioasiantuntijan työstä, Solita.

Yrityksen edustaja näyttää jotain kävijälle tabletistaan tapahtumassa.

🚀 Meet interesting companies!

Just like in any live event, also in this virtual event you get to meet people from renowned companies. They all have joined this event to be there with us and to tell us about the working opportunities they offer. If you are not yet ready to apply for a new job then you can for example ask tips on what kind of skill they appreciate.

During the event you can chat with the company representatives, book a 1:1 session or participate in the coffee room sessions organized by the companies – and of course join the Q&A session with the speakers.

We will open the event platform Brella for the public one week prior to the event. This way you can get to know both the virtual platform and our partners beforehand. Our special recommendation is that you go and check their virtual stands in advance – this is one place where you will find the company participants during the event as well!

🔥 Join the active community

Where to find courage to pursue for a new career in a new industry? What and where should I study? What if learning new skills feels scary or if parenthood is taking too much already?

You will meet many people like you in our event. You will surely find something in common with the other participants. Some of them might become your role models or you can be an inspiring example for others!

In the event platform Brella you will have a chance to meet and chat with other participants. You can continue the discussions after the event in Mimmit koodaa community’s channels and different events (your local events or online).

Take a step and create a profile where you tell about yourself and where you would like to see yourself in the future!

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Keep calm and buils on AWS.

🦄 Experience this virtual event together with others!

Join the Mimmit Koodaa virtual event physically at the AWS office in Helsinki! At the AWS office, you will experience:

  • The event from a big screen.
  • Meet AWS employees around the organization (hiring managers, HR, ID&E team).
  • Take photos at the legendary Glamazon Photobooth.

Breakfast and lunch will be served, and the event follows safe event guidelines. You will also have a chance to attend Ursula Koski’s and Nathalie Hakenstad’s ID&E workshop and much more!

Join us, and let’s experience the Mimmit koodaa virtual event together!

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💜 With us in virtual event

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